Written and Performed by Meg Anderson

Written and Performed by Meg Anderson


A Glimpse of the Show

Check out the trailer for the show I did in Bloomington, IN


"Deeply-felt, thoughtful, entertaining, creative, funny and moving piece. What you want live theatre to be.”
- Julia Gieseke, producer of San Francisco’s 2019 Queer Solo Fest


Intimate, fearless, fierce and funny, BIG GAY DEBUTANTE BALL is a hit of courage for LGBTQ folk and beyond to love out loud and proud.


Told through comedy, original music, dance and storytelling, Meg takes us on her coming-out journey from her first, terrified “Oh no, I’m gay!” to her daily femme lesbian experience of “Trust me, I’m gay." Every show ends in a rocking dance party and a colorful celebration of loving what we love; so bring your sparkles and "come out to the ball! 

Contact Us

We're looking for volunteers: dance-enthusiasts, crew members, decorators, you name it!

We're also stoked about making this a WELCOMING event for queer folks in Bloomington, so please get in touch if you are low-income and would like a donation  or discount ticket